​​​​​​​Head Check                                                     $20                         ​
We make it affordable so you can come right in if a note comes home from school or a friend calls to tell you their child has lice. 
Let the professionals check. Don't wait for a new case to fester to a full blown infestation. Let us catch it early for you!
​The cost of the head check is waived if receiving a full lice removal treatment. 

Full Lice Removal Treatment                   $195       
Complete lice and nit removal, a follow up recheck and a 30 day guarantee. Cost includes up to two hours for treatment with $25 charged every 15 minutes thereafter. Most treatments last between 1.5 – 2 hours. More time may be needed depending on length, thickness and infestation in hair. We can let you know before we begin if we think it may be longer.

Jump Start Treatment                                 $65​

​This treatment is 15-20 minutes of a professional lice removal comb out and recommendations on how to complete the lice removal process at home.  Please note, this treatment is not guaranteed and does not include head checks or rechecks, but is a great way to learn from the professionals and save time and money when taking care of head lice yourself.

Haircuts with Lice                                         $30 (basic trim)     $25 (buzz cut)

​We offer basic trim cuts or buzz cuts to help aid in the removal of head lice making it easier for parents to treat at home. ​Katie is a licensed hair stylist who works part time at a hair salon and part time with us. 
Why parents want to cut their child's hair:
​1. Having less hair can certainly cut down on the time it takes to treat someone. Please remember that cutting hair short is not a prevention method. Unless someone is bald they can still get head lice.
2.  Cutting off the dead ends can also reduce the time it takes to treat someone while also making it much easier to comb. During treatment dead ends dry and tangle fast making the removal process much more difficult. Treating hair without dead ends makes the lice removal process smooth and therefore, much less time consuming.

In preparation for your visit we ask that hair is washed and free from products and oil. 
In addition, please comb out all tangles in the hair. If we need to detangle, a $15 fee may apply.

Mobile Services

In Home Lice Removal Treatment          $225 per person
Let us come to you! We offer lice removal treatment in the comfort of your own home. One of our professional lice techs show up to your home ​with all of the supplies needed to remove your head lice. We can also check everyone in the home for $25. This fee is waived if treated. The cost is $225 per person for up to two hours of treatment. An additional $30 will be charged for every 15 minutes over the two hours. Most treatments fall within 1.5 - 2 hours. ($225 min to come to the home)

In preparation for your visit we ask that hair is washed and free from products and oil. 
In addition, please comb out all tangles in the hair. If we need to detangle, a $15 fee may apply.

School Checks

Head lice in a classroom can be stressful for teachers and parents alike. Help stop the spread by accurately identifying who has lice and who doesn't.  We come right to the school and check a classroom or the whole school or childcare center. We bring all of the supplies with us and check as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get back to your day. Do not let head lice get in your way of educating our youth. Let the professionals take care of it for you. We charge as little as $2 per person with a $50 minimum within 15 miles of The Littlest Lice Shop and $100 minimum 16+ miles of our shop. We can also stay on site and treat those who have it for an additional charge. Call or email today with any questions or for a quick quote. ​

Camp Checks

We want to be your camp's head lice head check team!

Prices vary depending on a number of factors. Please give us a call so we can discuss approximate dates and total

number of campers and staff (and a few more details). We will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote for

your camp's head lice head check needs.

Education & Outreach 

​​We love to host groups in the shop and travel offsite to help break the negative stereotype associated with head lice! 

We love speaking to mom's groups, PTO's, school nurse meetings, girl scout troops...just about anyone who'll listen!

If you'd like us to come, we'll be there. We also love to attend any type of fairs and events. Call or email us with the

date and time. If we can be there, we will!  (508) 443-4863   ~   Laurene@thelittlestliceshop.com

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