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My Child Has Lice, What Do I Do?!!!

You're bugging out and desperate to do something. Here are a few suggestions.

1. When treating, you do not have to purchase products with chemicals. 

    This includes the prescription from the doctor. Not only are these products harmful, but lice are resistant to these products and are being dubbed "super lice" A study was completed where lice in 48 states were tested with the products Rid and Nix. In 42 of those states 100% of the bugs were found to be resistant to these products. Of the remaining 6 states 80% of the bugs were resistant to these products. Over time, lice have built up a resistance to these chemicals. Not only are they harmful, they just don't work anymore.

2.Seek professional help.
There are treatment services available if you want nothing to do with removing these little buggers. If you'd rather do it yourself, please, please, please buy safe products that work. You can pick them up through lice professionals. Hair salons certainly have products, but lice professionals (ahem...The Littlest Lice Shop...ahem) has awesome advice and will help you choose the right products for your family. If you'd like us to rid you and your family of lice, call or text us for an appointment. (508) 443-4863

3. You do not have to go crazy cleaning your home.
You may be scratching your head in wonder right now because a common myth is that everything has to be bagged up for two weeks and you have to vacuum your entire house from the floors to the mattresses to the walls. That is not the case. Lice die within 24 hours and it is believed that less than 2% of lice transfers occur off the head. 98% of lice transfers are from direct head-head contact. So, while you may feel like these bugs are crawling throughout your home, they are not. Spend 98% of your time on the head and 2% of your time on the home.

Treating your home: Change the sheets, throw a sheet over the couch for 24 hours and put hair accessories in a bag in the freezer overnight. If your child has a favorite stuffed animal or blankie you can throw it in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes. That is how you spend 2% of your time on the house.        
The "98% of your time on the head" can be done by yourself by contacting lice professionals for products and instructions for proper removal (ahem...The Littlest Lice Shop...ahem) or through services at a professional lice shop (ahem...The Littlest Lice Shop...ahem)

4. Try to relax.
We know this is easier said than done, but head lice are not harmful. They are not known to carry disease and they cannot survive very long off the head, less than 24 hours. So while it may seem that these buggers are taking over your life, you are in control of them. So, keep calm and contact us.