The Littlest Lice Shop wants to be your one stop shop for all things lice removal.

Affordable Head Checks

For only $20 per person we hope that when that note comes home from school or a friend calls to tell you their child has lice you come to us! Lice professionals are trained to find even the newest of cases which can be extremely difficult for someone to detect on their own. Don't wait for the infestation to grow, come in for a head check and take care of it early!

The cost of a head check is waived if you receive the

Full Lice Removal Treatment.  

Product Variety

We carry 6 different products lines to cater to everyone's budget and family needs. No need to use the harmful products found at the pharmacy.

Shop with us first!

​Most Importantly! Fun, stress-less experience for everyone

We understand first hand how stressful the process of lice removal can be. With treatments lasting 1-2 hours, we have everything needed to entertain your children. From movies, to snack, activities and games, our goal is for you to be as stress-less as possible while in our shop.

Why Choose Us!

Laurene is also certified from The Lice Treatment Center and ran a mobile business, The Lice Saver, for a year and a half before opening The Littlest Lice Shop in September of 2016. She is the mother of 9 year old twins and battled head lice twice before starting her own lice removal business. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology (which comes in handy ;) ) from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and a master's degree in Administrative Studies from Boston University. 

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About The Littlest Lice Shop

Laurene holds two lice removal certifications including the Shepherd Method. She was trained and certified by Katie Shepherd, from the Shepherd Institute, in The Shepherd Method™ of Strand-by-Strand Nit and Lice Removal.

Shepherd Certified

The Shepherd Method™ is a safe, non-toxic means of treating head lice. It utilizes a strand by strand technique that ensures that every hair has been examined and all lice evidence have been removed.

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